Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well this is my first time doing a blog. I was not forced to do this or told to do it. I just felt like it and want to share with those of you out there. I have been into crossdressing for years. I can remember back to being six or eight years old and just waiting for the chance to put my mother's high heel shoes on and walk around the house in them. I just love the feeling of female clothes and high heels and the higher the heel the better.

I am married and my wife knows that I like to crossdress but I just have not for a long time but have been trying to get back into crossdressing. Just with the way things are going in life right now I have just not found the time to really prepare myself for an evening of panties, stockings, skirts and heels.

A few years back I got the chance to actually go out dressed up to a local fetish balls here in Philadelphia. Was a great thrill to be walking the streets in Philadelphia in extreme high heeled thigh high boots and a skirt so tight and short I couldn't even sit down.
 I am going to try and add some pictures here to share as well but right now am having trouble posting them since I am new to doing a blog.